Jay-Tee album 2011 ‘Don’t Jay Walk’

cd Jay-Tee album 2011 ‘Don’t Jay Walk’ (digipack)

Don’t Jay Walk is Jay-Tee’s much anticipated new solo album, follow up of the 1998 album New Jazz Transplant with guest appearances by Mike Stern, Alain Caron, David Garibaldi and Martijn van Iterson. With his second solo album out in 2011, Jay-Tee draws from the jazz fusion tradition, while at the same time being fully aware of the current state of affairs in this music. The tracks on the album successfully blend the warm feel of early jazz fusion such as Hancock’s Headhunters and Weather Report, with the vibrant energy of present day musicianship and musical idiom within the genre. To achieve this Jay-Tee extended his earlier collaborations for his debut album Jay-Tee, working with great international jazz names like Mike Stern (Miles Davis), Alain Caron (UZEB) and Martijn van Iterson (Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw). Listen to some examples below, reviewed by www.smooth-jazz.de


jay-tee II digipak mp3

‘Bottom Road’ featuring Mike Stern excerpt

‘Sticktown’ featuring Mike Stern excerpt

This item can be purchased together with Jay-Tee’s first solo album ‘New Jazz Transplant’ as a double feature.